Leg to chest with Knead Ball under pelvis.

Benefit: This exercise targets the sciatic nerve specifically, and helps to correct misalignment of hips which often cause pinching of the nerve on the side of the body.

Where to put it: Middle to Upper Buttocks region

Instruction: Lay flat on the floor. Take the device, and place it under your upper buttox/pelvis region. Then bring your right knee to your chest. Experiment with different angles. Remember to breath to help get a deeper stretch.


Where to use it: Any flat area on the ground. Carpet works great, but feel free to experiment with different surfaces to find your favorite. (You can use a yoga mat to provide traction and add cushion if desired)

Duration: 5-10 min or as desired

Fun fact: The psoas muscle is the only muscle that connects your lower body to your upper body. It gets tight and can cause all sorts of problems. This stretch can help relieve many of those issues.