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It was New Year’s Day 2016 when I had that “ah-ha moment” that Oprah Winfrey describes in her books. You know - that moment - the one when you decide to quit your job and go change the world.

The domain “universalknead.com” was available -  and I saw it as a sign from the universe. My sciatica was gone, and I’d been back pain free for almost two weeks. My posture had permanently improved, according to the markings on the wall, I was almost a half inch taller.

I remember driving down interstate highway 5, leaving my family in San Francisco - heading home to Los Angeles when I had the "ah-ha moment". Driving almost 100mph, I could barely contain myself, as I called my dear friend, Nelu, to tell her how I had discovered a simple, revolutionary technique that could correct poor posture effortlessly, and potentially, alleviate back pain in millions of people across the globe.

Between the Knead Ball’s unique design and my guided instruction, multiple back pain “miracles” had taken place over my holiday trip to the bay area. Over and over, friends and family suffering from months or years of chronic back pain were miraculously cured - almost instantly. I had to tell everyone. The world KNEADed to know about this!

Now, you have the power of relief in your own hands - with the Universal Knead Ball.

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