Sciatica Treatment, Posture Correction, and Pain Relief Solutions for Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Alignment. Knead Balls Promote General Health, Wellbeing, Fitness, and Work in Conjunction with Chiropractic Treatments and/or Chiropractic Adjustment.


BACK AND SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF - Position the Knead Balls just above your upper buttocks, as you decline into a sitting position, roll the ball up and down your back. Moving from your starting position, into a traditional 90-degree wall sit.

FOOT PAIN RELIEF - The Knead balls can be used to align posture while alleviating foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis.  Place the device on the ground and stabilize yourself against the wall, and roll the soles of your
feet from heel to toe.

LOW BACK PAIN RELIEF: To relieve pain in the low back and hamstrings, position
the Knead Balls under the pelvis while laying flat on the floor. Lift your knees towards your chest until they are pointed at the ceiling. Roll from side to side for added relief, or extend your feet towards the ceiling.

UPPER BACK PAIN RELIEF AND POSTURE CORRECTION: The Knead Balls can provide dramatic relief from knots and kinks along the back, in addition to improving posture significantly, with just 5-10 minutes of use daily. Lay flat on the floor. Place the device under the mid-back region. You may need a small
pillow to support your head. You should feel your chest and shoulders start to open up. To enhance the stretch, you can even put your arms above your head and let them fall back towards the floor at different angles.

SEATED POSTURE CORRECTION AND LOW BACK PAIN RELIEF - Whether driving, at your desk or almost any seated position, the Knead Balls can dramatically improve posture while providing relief and support for your back. Place the device at the base of the chair, behind the low back. For additional relief and massage, gradually move the Knead Balls up the back of your seat as desired.

SCIATIC NERVE RELIEF AND POSTURE CORRECTION: The Knead Balls' conjured design is unparalleled when it comes to correcting posture, gently relieving sciatic nerve and low back pains. Simply lay flat on the floor and place under your upper buttocks or pelvis. You should feel tightness in the hip flexor muscles. To enhance the stretch, stretch arms above the head, palms together, or spread apart to target different muscles.

LOW BACK FLEXIBILITY AND RELIEF- Our Knead Balls provides flexibility and dramatic relief from lower back pain. Laying flat on the floor, place the device under your upper buttocks or pelvis. Bring both knees towards your chest, remembering to breathe in order to deepen the stretch. Try this stretch with knees closer together and wider apart as desired.

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