How I Got Rid of Chronic Sciatica and Horrible Low Back Pain - Over Two Years To Date!

Hi all!  Until about two years ago, I suffered from chronic sciatica and low back pain that was so crippling, I couldn't even move at times. I've been pain-free (and almost a half in taller - no guarantees on that though -lol) for 26 months now. While I can't guarantee that this is a guaranteed, 100% solution to sciatica, I wanted to share my experience and strategy with members of this community, as I thought it might offer help to others.

The process only took about two weeks initially (with periodic maintenance after). The best part - it was painless, required low effort, was profoundly effective, and permanent to date.

(A combination of gravity, body weight, and unusual/specific use of a product by a company called Universal Knead).

1. Lying flat on the floor, with the foam device ( under my pelvis, I pulled my right knee (because my sciatica was concentrated on my right side) to my chest, keeping my left leg extended, letting it drop lower and lower to the floor.

2. As became more relaxed, gravity and the weight of my left leg started to stretch my psoas/hip flexor muscle - far more than I'd ever been able to do on my own or with a physical therapist.

3. When I first started these exercises, my psoas muscle and sciatic nerve were so tight and sensitive, that my left leg practically pointed at the ceiling when my right knee was held to my chest. The key was the uniquely shaped device under my upper butt/pelvis as I lay back on the floor. And being relaxed (deep breaths - letting my own bodyweight and gravity do the work at my own speed - no invasive manipulation, weights or painful stretching).

4. After just one session, I noticed a huge difference when I stood up.

5. After a week or so, I noticed such a big difference that I started using it with both legs straight to correct pelvic tilt, and in other places along my upper back (which totally transformed my posture) for about the same amount of time each day.


6. Eventually, I started carrying the device with me everywhere I went, using it in my desk chair, car, and on airplanes!

That's basically it!

I still keep it with me all the time, but now I only do the above sciatica stretch when I need to - primarily for maintenance to reset myself and reverse and negative effects of sitting and driving, etc as they creep up over time.

Super simple and life-changing. I hope this info can help as many people as possible.


Trent H.

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